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A community of volunteers promoting accessibility through online events, software solutions, games, social media activism, and working with game developers in the industry.

Currently organizing a big event for everyone to play their favorite games together on the 1st and 2nd of October, because everyone games.

Play games online, learn accessible games, and tools to make games more accessible. Talks, demos, and giveaways from the accessible gaming community.

Any profits from the event go towards developing accessibility options for partially-sighted and blind gamers.

Panels from influencers on the following:

  • Introduction to TTRPG’s

  • Writing Disabled Characters

  • Accessible PDFs

  • Getting Started in Programming as a Visually Impaired Person

  • Accessibility in Video Game Design

  • Accessibility in TTRPG Design

  • Game Design

  • Accommodating Visually Impaired Players at your table

  • Running The Game


Exclusive gifts and first access from our sponsors and the option to play or spectate in all your favorite games!

Apologies for some of the current site accessibility issues. We are testing Wix, and have found it frustratingly difficult to use. We are working on porting the site over to Wordpress, and appreciate your understanding, and any recommendations you may have for accessible web development.


Upcoming Events

  • Help Everyone Game By Volunteering
    Wed, 30 Jun
    Online Event
    If you can help run a game, develop an add-on to make games more accessible, reach out to a company and ask them to be more accessible, manage a social media channel, or speak at an event, help make this event a sucess for everyone!
  • Everyone Games Accessibility Summit
    Fri, 01 Oct
    Join in and play games online, learn tools and tricks to make games more accesible. Panels and talks from influencers, demos, and giveaways from the accessible gaming community. Let's work together towards developing accessiblity options for partially-sighted and blind gamers.